Commercial Productions/ Library Music / Library Music History

Mo at the Mixing Desk
Pop-up Music
Triumph Music
Vintage Guitar MUM124
Unplugged MUM185
The British Invasion MUM178
The Comedy Store MUM175
The Blues Album MUM167
Project MUM130
Functionality MUM128
The Technicolour Dream MUM121
Guitars for Film MUM119
Blue Yonder MUM118
70s - 80s Replay MUM113
Songs for Film MUM111
Retro Perspective MUM105
Moments in Time MUM103
Sound Sculptures MUM101
Music House/EMI
Feel the Groove MHS-54
Eurhythmics MHS-1
Classical Guitar MHS-27
Teletunes MHE-54
Discovery MHA-25
Comedy Situations MHE-31
Woodwind MHS-29
Ambient MHA-22
World Atmosphere MHA-23
Momentus MHI-5
War and Peace MHA-18
Picturesque MHA-16
Technicolor MHI-9
World SportV MHE-43
Video Friendly 3 MHE-11

Cavendish Music

'50s and '60s Rock 'n' Roll CAVCD 176

Cavendish Music/PPM

Bass Lines PPM 03
Modern Living PPM 06

JW Media Music

Crystal Vision JW 2012
Crystal Vision2 JW 2002
Pure Romance JWCD 2015
Custom Cuts JWCD 2026
Newsworld JWCD 2022
Bass Response (VINYL) JW 505

Bruton Music

In Search of Excellence BRL 19


Lark About SYNC_151462
Wish List SYNC_151460
Building Blocks SYNC_151461
Mosey Home SYNC_151463

The Music Library


New Grooves MLC-U2
Rhythms Grooves and Riffs MLC-U1
The Comedy Album MLC-E3
The Blues Album MLC-B1
Real Music MLC-M1
Leisure Time MLC-E2

First Com Music Library

R&B3 FC-S86Q
Road House Blues FC-S95Q
Modern Film Noir FC-D39Q
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Commercial Productions/ Library Music / Library Music History